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Children's Dentistry


People often ask “when should I bring my child to the dentist”.

The answer to this question is really as soon as they have teeth.

familiarise your child with going to the dentist and provide a pleasant experience. 

Is it going to be expensive?…. No. If you have an appointment yourself and bring your infant along we will generally have a look at no charge. Once your child reaches the age when they can walk and sit in the chair we will need an appointment. If you would like to know charges please contact our reception regarding our special rates for our favourite patients.

When should my Child start to get their first teeth?

There is great variation in the times that teeth come through. The average age that the first teeth (aka Primary teeth, Baby teeth, Milk teeth or Deciduous teeth) erupt into the mouth is about 5-6months old. The Primary teeth continue to erupt until about the age of 2.5-3years by which time kids usually have all of their primary teeth. There is a lot of variability in the age of eruption and if you are in doubt it is a good idea to bring your child in for a check-up. Missing teeth are common and if this is picked up early future problems can be avoided

Permanent teeth start to come through at age 6-7 and this continues until the age of 13-14 years old.  It is very important that your child is checked to make sure the permanent teeth are coming through in the right orientation at the right time and that none of the permanent teeth are missing.

Does My Child need Braces?

Your dentist will advise on whether braces are required and the best age to start treatment. Early diagnosis of an orthodontic problem and timely intervention leads to better outcomes. Having straight teeth and teeth that bite together properly is essential for both cosmetics and proper chewing function for life.

Why should I treat tooth decay in my child when they are just going to lose their first teeth anyway?

Tooth decay in the primary teeth can lead to

-       Severe pain

-       Damage to the permanent teeth

-       Orthodontic problems

-       Bullying and emotional problems at school

-       Self-esteem problems in your child

-       Nutritional Problems

-       Speech difficulties

Early intervention and prevention are by far the best way to go.