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Dentures are removable appliances worn to replace missing teeth. A denture can be a partial denture if it is replacing some of the teeth or a full denture if it replacing all of the teeth.

Common problems with dentures include looseness, sore spots and unnatural looks.  In many instances these problems can be resolved.

We also provide

-       Denture Repairs

-       New Dentures

-       Additions to dentures to replace extracted teeth

-       Replacement of fractured teeth on dentures

-       Relining of Dentures

All our Denture work is done in Australia in close consultation with local and experienced technicians.


Mini Implants can be used to stabilise full dentures. This is especially good for full lower dentures.


Stabilising a lower denture with mini implants has changed many people’s lives for the better.

Before                                                        After                                                        

There is no need to put up with worn out unattractive fake looking dentures.