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A filling is required when tooth decay has destroyed part of a tooth. Filling materials include


Composite Resin (white filling material)

Amalgam (older type of material which is silver in colour)

Glass Ionomer Cement ( Another  type of white filling material)


Fillings can also be made from Ceramic and Gold.


We Do Not use Amalgam as it is silver or black in colour so it looks bad and there are now suitable white filling materials which can perform the role of amalgam. This does not mean you need to take out all of your old amalgam (silver or black) fillings but if you have an old silver filling which is causing a cosmetic issue there are now white alternatives.

Ceramic Fillings are an excellent restorative option and a very good choice for restoring teeth that have had a lot of tooth decay or in cases where a large part of a tooth has fractured.  Ceramic looks beautiful and is very strong.


How do you know if you need a filling?

Symptoms like sensitive teeth when you have a cold or hot drink, eat sweet foods. Pain from any tooth or even aching from an area in your mouth that you can’t quite put your finger on.  Of course a hole in a tooth or a missing piece of tooth is an obvious sign you need a filling.

Tooth Decay is often present without any symptoms so it is important to have your teeth checked even if you do not have any symptoms.

Not every area of decay needs a filling. Early detection of  tooth decay allows us to re-mineralise and reverse the process. However, once tooth decay reaches a certain point a filling is necessary. Your dentist will advise the best course of action to manage your particular situation.

We are able to detect tooth decay with visual inspection and radiographs (x-rays). Digital x-rays are used at every smile dental which provides superb resolution and accuracy in detection of tooth decay at the lowest possible dose of radiation. Without x-rays it is impossible to rule out tooth decay and problems may go unchecked.

Micro-invasive techniques are available to treat early tooth decay whilst conserving tooth structure. The white restorative materials we use are often undetectable and restore the tooth to its original form and function.

Ultimately we would like to prevent tooth decay from recurring and will recommend a prevention strategy to stop new cavities developing in the future.