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Orthodontics are needed when we need to move teeth to straighten them up or correct a problem with the bite.

We provide all options for orthodontics including

1.     Traditional Braces (Both the metal type and ceramic type)

2.     Invisible aligners

3.     Lingual Braces (Braces on the inside of your teeth that you can’t see)

4.     Plates

Each of these options has its place and we will talk through the options for your particular case.

Payment plans are available to divide the cost over the course of treatment.

Orthodontics is not only for Children and Teenagers. Many adults are now having the orthodontic corrections that should have been done in childhood. Straightening your teeth can transform you appearance, make you look younger and more attractive at any age.


How do you know if you or your child need orthodontic treatment ?

If the teeth do not look straight that is a good indication. However, there are often subtle problems which are not easy to pick up. Every child gets an orthodontic assessment and we can advise on whether your child needs orthodontic treatment and what the best age for them to start treatment is.

Consequences of not having the appropriate orthodontic treatment can be

-      A compromise in appearance and smile which can affect both the working and social life of your child

-      Repercussions for the shape of the face and Jaws

-      Premature wear of teeth

-      Damage to teeth with stress of an incorrect bite causing fracture and cracking of teeth

-      Difficulty properly chewing food

Having orthodontic treatment will improve appearance and oral health leading to a better quality of life.