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Treatment for Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)

Many people clench and grind their teeth during the day and at night. Most people are not aware that they do this.

Signs of Bruxism

-       Wear of teeth leading to short looking teeth

-       Waking up with a stiff jaw

-       Difficulty chewing food

-       Difficulty opening your mouth

-       Jaw and face pain

-       Pain that feels like a tooth ache

-       Headaches

-       Neck pain

What Causes Bruxism

-       Most often there is no obvious cause

-       Stressful Lifestyle

Consequences of Bruxism include

Pain and suffering

Fracture of teeth

Disturbance of Sleep

Treatment for Bruxism

Treatment is simple and can be life changing. Not only will your symptoms improve but you will prevent damage to your teeth which would lead to your teeth looking worn and aging your appearance. You will also save a lot of money on the repair of fractured teeth and fillings. A treatment plan will be tailored to your particular condition.